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Isra Miraj And The Theory Of Relativity

Islamic history records the events unique and difficult to digest sense, Isra and Miraj. The term, Isra walk at night, while the Miraj is a tool (the stairs) to go up. Israel has a sense of journey the Prophet at night from Masjid Al Haram Makkah to Al Aqsa MosquePalestine. Miraj is a continuation of Prophet Muhammad's journey from Masjid al-Aqsa to the sky until the Sidratul Muntaha and the highest heavens tenpat Prophet Muhammad met with God Almighty.Isra 'Miraj is the story of the Prophet Muhammad's journey to the seventh sky overnight.Procession travel history Isra 'Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad written in verse. 

"Most holy God who runs his servant on a night from the Sacred Mosque to the Aqsa Majidil that We blessed We showed him around for signs sebahagian (greatness) Us. (Surah 17.Al-Isra ': 1)

And about the Ascension of God explains in verse. An-Najm :13-18:
"And indeed he (Prophet Muhammad SAW) saw Gabriel's (in apparently the original) at other times, in Sidratul Muntaha. Near (Sidratul Muntaha) is heaven a place to live. (He saw Gabriel) when Sidratul Muntaha covered by a sheath. His vision did not turn away from it and not seen (also) go beyond it. Indeed he has seen signs sebahagian (power) most of his Lord. "(Surat An-Najm :13-18)

Prophet Muhammad saw firsthand.

God wanted to show some signs of His greatness to the Prophet Muhammad. In a letter Qur'an An-Najm verse 13 above, have the word "Yaro" in Arabic which means "witness."Unlike the word "Syahida", which means but must be witnessed directly. God showed some signs of his greatness firsthand.

Regarding the understanding of Isra 'Mi'raj many Muslims who still have fundamentally different views, which are divided into:
Understanding with the event assumed Isra 'Mi'raj is merely the spirit journey, spiritual journey or a metaphor of the Prophet Muhammad is not the physical body. This understanding held by the surah Al-Quran: 

QS. 17 Al-Isra ': 60 "... No other dream which We showed thee is as a test for man ..."

Instead there is an opinion, that the Isra 'from Mecca to Bait'l-Maqdis it with the body or the physical journey. Who's Ascension into heaven is by the spirit or the metaphor of journey. 
Another understanding that Isra 'Ascension is a journey with a body (physical) and can be described in science as conceived by humans because it is a real event. 

Understanding the physical (physical journey).

ISRA `MI` RAJ, as an event metaphysical (supernatural), perhaps not something special. The truth is not something extraordinary. Truth is truth naqliyah metaphysics (: dogmatic) that do not have to be proven in a sense, but more pious. Valid least truth-in a sense metaphysics of events, not a question as he believed.

In the physics pemahan many people question the hadeeth of Isra `Mi` raj, "whether it was possible human to travel that far in less than a night?". The Messenger of Allah has challenged him nations will inquire as reported in the Qur'an in surat Al-Israa: 93.

"Or thou have a house of gold, or you go up into the sky. And we never will believe it until you kenaikanmu down on us a book we read. " Say: "Glory to my Lord, Am I just a man who became the apostle?"

And in the Hadith

"When the people of Quraish did not believe me (said the Prophet Muhammad), I stood in the Hijr (answering their questions.) Then God revealed to me Baitul Maqdis, I get what I want and I explained to them the signs, I noticed .... "(Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim, and others).

and many Hadith Hadith lainny a.

The relationship between the events of the journey of Isra 'Mi'raj with the theory of relativity.

Among the factors contained both similarities and differences in the incidence,

The second equation stories include: 

• Both discuss the trip or journey from Earth to space and back to Earth. 

• They discussed the use of the factor "Speed" or "speed" high in the preaching 

• The concept of separation between two people (or more) is used as a principal or object of discussion in the second story.

In Isra Miraj, the Prophet left his people on earth to travel into the Majidil Aqsa and then to the seventh heaven, in the case of the theory of relativity tells the story of two twins A and B, where B twin brother traveled into space.

Up here the things mentioned above, we can clearly infer that the events of Isra Miraj is true.How could a man who Ummi 14th century ago to create a story or theory can be proved in the 20th century with such details. In other words impossible to follow the example of Prophet Muhammad who was born Albert Einstein's theory afterwards (?).

Theory of Relativity.

Relativity Theori discuss the Structure of Space and Time as well as on matters related to gravity. Theori relativtas consists of two theoretical physics, general relativity and special relativity. Theori special relativity describes the behavior of space and time from the perspective of an observer moving relative to one another, and related phenomena. Sala this article only discuss special relativity and the Securities theori-called time dilation (from Latin: dilatare "scattered", "delay").

Einstein formulated his theory in an equation mathematik: 

t '= time moving objects

t = time a stationary object

v = speed of object

c = speed of light

Explained that the comparative value of the speed of an object with the speed of light, will affect the state of the object. The closer the value of an object velocity (v) the speed of light (c), the greater the effects they experienced (t `): deceleration time. Until when the speed of objects to match the speed of light (v = c), it had come to a state of zero. Similarly, but if the speed of the object to exceed the speed of light (v> c), the situation changed. Effects experienced by no longer deceleration time, but instead the time to retreat (-t ').

The Twins travel story or time dilation.

Twin Paradox is a brainchild theori (Gedankenexperiment or thought experiment) by Albert Einstein's special relativity based theori which is still being debated by expert physics. Theori as a whole describes the journey of two twin brothers who split up. One of the twins (A) are living on Earth and the other twin (the traveler (B)) to fly into space, kesebuah planet in a distant solar system with the speed of light and return to earth with the same speed. After they meet again on earth they find the fact that the age of the twins who made a trip (the traveler) younger age than his brother (A) who remained on earth, due to the traveler experience time dilation phenomenon or a phenomenon of time dilation in the journey. 

Time dilation (dilatation of time) is a phenomenon, where an observer at one point of view, that the clock from people who move quickly to a slower (or faster), actually it depends on the frame of reference where it is located. Time dilation can be known only when the speed leads to the speed of light and has dibuktin accurately with unstable subatomic particle and the precise timing of atomic clocks.

Proof theory of relativity.

The study of cosmic rays is one proof of this theory. Found that among the particles resulting from persingungan particles of primary cosmic rays with nuclei of Nitrogen and Oxygen in the upper layers of atmosphere, away thousands of feet above the earth's surface, namely Mu meson particles (Muon), it can achieve earth's surface. Yet Muon particle has a part-time (half-life) of two micro-seconds, which means in two perjuta seconds, half of the Muon mass will melt into an electron. And within two perjuta seconds, a particle moving with the speed of light (± 300,000 km / sec) even at best can only reach a distance of 600 m. whereas the distance where the elevation Atmospheric Muons are formed, from the surface of the earth, is 20,000 m in which the speed of light can only be achieved within a period of at least 66 micro-seconds. Then, how Muons can skip it impossible? Apparently, during the move with high-speed near the speed of light, Muon particles experienced the effects as described theory of Relativity, which is slowing the time.

Evidence subsequently occurred in 1971, the time difference (time dilation) in the twin paradox theori has been proven through "Hafele-Keating-Experiment" by using 2 pieces of high-precision clock (High Precision Atomic Cesium clocks) is set early on when the same. 

Twin paradox experimentExperiment results in the two-hour time difference is, between the hours of being put on the plane flying Intercontinental moving towards the east / west with a reference clock which is placed at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, the time clock on the plane is reduced / increased depending on the direction of flight.

Relative to the clock at the Naval Observatory, reduced hours of plane time 59 + / -10 nanoseconds during the flight east, and have added the 273 + / -7 nanosecond during the flight to the west. The empirical results prove theori twin paradox in level at macroskopik.

With the evidentiary pembukatian, the mean Albert Einstein with his theory of relativity is directly or indirectly, has proven that the Koran story about the story "the Prophet Muhammad to heaven seventh trip and back in one night" is true. Especially in terms of TIME dimension, in its calculations possible.

The next question is how the Prophet Isa AS, Muslims believe that Prophet Jesus, who is recognized as Jesus by Christians, was not killed by the people after him at the time. In fact he has not died. Prophet Jesus will return end of the age, Did Prophet Jesus also experienced similar travel and time dilation? And Allaah 'bish shawwab natural.

Applications Theory of Relativity.

One application of this theory is a tool GPS - Global Postioning System in Mobile you an application results from the theory of general relativity and special relativity. In this hour satellite in orbit in comparison with the clock on the ground as a correction factor signal transmission.

Akhirul kalam, I assume that knowledge of the existence of time dilation between galaxies is an interesting phenomenon for the Muslims. The phenomenon even this much going on everyday events and even studied by western scientists to study the events in the universe.And should not something that is prohibited or excessive to better understand the phenomena in nature. To further that we wait is a lack of progress in science to be able to reveal the design of the black hole and wormhole that combination of the two lotus-like shape (Sidrah or Sidratul, and shape the brain in the human body. So all of this hopefully can improve our piety before the Creator.


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Actually if Mohammed did travel with the speed of light and spent all that time watching people in Heaven and Hell then much more time would have lapsed in Earth upon his return. In comparison with the twin brothers example, Mohammed should be the one that travels to space and when he returns finds his twin brother much older than him. Therefore the theory of relativity disproves (not proves) the so called Miracle.

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The theory approves miracle in the sense that if you move with the speed of light, the time you spent will more in comparison to others. So anyone travel with speed of light, his clock will move faster. If anyone generally goes to space his clock moves slow because earth is moving while space is stationary. But if anyone is moving in space faster than earth, definitely his clock will move faster.

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I think it is because of gravity and not time. While time from Macca to Masjid Aqsa get shorter because of speed of barak, Muhammad PBUH get more time on space due to no gravity. so, if you move away from earth while moving with same velocity as earth, you will get more time due to now gravity and your clock will move faster.

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